Steampunk Fashion Video

La Marquise Salon and DPro marketing contacted me a few months ago to supply some steampunk goggles and accessories for a promotional video. Unfortunately I only had a few pairs in stock at the time, but they were still able to use them, as well as the Kraken Blaster. The results are pretty cool. Special… Continue reading Steampunk Fashion Video

Westward – Collected Edition

Westward, the steampunk themed Inspector Gadget-like comic is now available as a collected edition, Westward: Volume 1. Each book comes signed with a limited edition print insert and collected issues 1-3, which are now out of print. As a sponsor of the book I have 5 copies to give away. I am coming up with… Continue reading Westward – Collected Edition

Steampunk Mr. Potato Head – Instructables

Steampunk seems to be taking over everything this year. How can you help you ask? How about turning that boring old Mr. Potato Head into a more steamy spud? Follow the steps over at and you can soon be the proud owner of a mechanically enhanced potato! Remember to give his mustache a nice… Continue reading Steampunk Mr. Potato Head – Instructables

Machinarium – Steampunk Puzzle Game

Ran across this brilliant hand drawn robot puzzle game this morning. Machinarium You play as a robot and have to solve puzzles as you progress through an amazingly illustrated world. I only played the first few screens of the demo and was already laughing at the charming animations. Its available for desktop as well as… Continue reading Machinarium – Steampunk Puzzle Game