What is the Clothed Eye? A source for hand crafted Steampunk gear. Focusing mainly on goggles and headgear.

Steampunk couture has fascinated me for a while and I recently got a chance to play in this mind space. I opted for the dirtier look of the mechanic/worker vs being a dapper dandy. Regardless of which end of the style you prefer all good steampunk costumes require a sweet pair of goggles.

Clothed Eye features hand crafted goggles and accessories, with the focus being on functionality. Gears should serve a purpose when attached. Levers should trigger actions.

Joshua Hamman, proprietor of Clothed Eye


  1. Hey there,
    I found your website and I’m pretty amazed.
    I live in Germany.
    How much would the shipping cost if I would buy one of the googles?

    1. Hi,
      I just shipped a set to the UK and it cost $40. I’d be willing to pay for half your shipping, so $20 would get a pair to Germany.

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