Steampunk Fashion Video

La Marquise Salon and DPro marketing contacted me a few months ago to supply some steampunk goggles and accessories for a promotional video. Unfortunately I only had a few pairs in stock at the time, but they were still able to use them, as well as the Kraken Blaster. The results are pretty cool. Special… Continue reading Steampunk Fashion Video

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Farseer’s Goggles

Farseer’s Goggles Originally designed for spotters on airships, these goggles have dual removable magnification lenses to allow for adjustments for viewing different distances. Sadly only one pair of the lenses showed up with the goggles. Featuring a fully adjustable head chain and solid brown base, these google look great on almost any headgear, including of… Continue reading Farseer’s Goggles

Tesla Long Vision Goggles

Not everything runs on springs and gears in these modern times. Some chap named Tesla has been fooling about with ‘currents’ and ‘magnets’. I don’t claim to understand how these work, nor do I understand how they are supposed to power these Long Vision goggles with their strange glass tube attached to the side.

Infernal Airship Device Goggles

Infernal Airship Device Goggles – These goggles were discovered in a Dirigible Engineer’s old toolbox. They have a hard, green shell with a nice textured leather strap. On your right eye is some kind of alignment ring and two adjustable magnification lenses. The other eye has a device attachment made of shafts, one ending in… Continue reading Infernal Airship Device Goggles

Automaton Detection Goggles

Automaton Detection Goggles As automatons become more and more sophisticated these days, it’s becoming difficult to identify them. These goggles feature an enhanced listening attachment to amplify the sounds of the inner gear workings of automatons. A resonator lens on one side also aids in the detection. Metal frames with fully adjustable ear attachment. Fully… Continue reading Automaton Detection Goggles

World Steam Expo

Spent part of this beautiful day at the World Steam Expo. It was about what I expected it to be. Some brilliantly dressed beautiful people. Found a nice leather hat, which was my main goal. Hoping to help them out next year, and maybe even display in the art show. Photo gallery on the facebooks:… Continue reading World Steam Expo