Infernal Airship Device Goggles

Infernal Airship Device Goggles – These goggles were discovered in a Dirigible Engineer’s old toolbox. They have a hard, green shell with a nice textured leather strap. On your right eye is some kind of alignment ring and two adjustable magnification lenses. The other eye has a device attachment made of shafts, one ending in… Continue reading Infernal Airship Device Goggles

Automaton Detection Goggles

Automaton Detection Goggles As automatons become more and more sophisticated these days, it’s becoming difficult to identify them. These goggles feature an enhanced listening attachment to amplify the sounds of the inner gear workings of automatons. A resonator lens on one side also aids in the detection. Metal frames with fully adjustable ear attachment. Fully… Continue reading Automaton Detection Goggles