Westward – Collected Edition

Westward, the steampunk themed Inspector Gadget-like comic is now available as a collected edition, Westward: Volume 1. Each book comes signed with a limited edition print insert and collected issues 1-3, which are now out of print. As a sponsor of the book I have 5 copies to give away. I am coming up with contest ideas now, so the 3 of you that actually visit the site, stay tuned!


A steampunk-mystery comic series, this volume is 132 pages; collecting 3 issues, bonus art, and an exclusive short-story by the author.

“Build something, Victor. Contribute.”

The latest title from Kinetic Press, Westward is a new steampunk mystery series from Ken Krekeler, writer and illustrator of The Colodin Project and Dry Spell. Played against a semi-Victorian background of corporate espionage and technological revolution, Westward follows the ongoing themes of individual achievement and the essence of human happiness.

By The Mechanic

I like steampunk, MINI coopers, Utah, dogs and squirrels.

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