WT Idea Submission Contest

Exclusive to WillowTree employees: Submit an idea for a new sticker design. We will pick our 2 favorites and send the winners FREE stickers of their design! Visit our shop for inspiration! clothedeye.etsy.com Please send your design ideas (we don’t need you to make the design, simply describe what you are thinking of!): josh.hamman@willowtreeapps.com or… Continue reading WT Idea Submission Contest

Now making Stickers

Steampunk has been pretty quiet for a while, so we have branched out to making custom stickers. Currently focusing on pop culture images for Jeep Wrangler windshields, but we can make anything (up to 12×12). https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClothedEye?ref=nla_listing_details

Cyberpunk Plague Doctor

I’ve been working on a costume for Theater Bizarre. I think that the best description for it is “Cyberpunk Plague Doctor”. It began life as a gas mask and garbage picked motorcycle armor. LEDs are supposed to arrive today.