Overlord’s Monocle of Doom – Steampunk Accessory

Product Information

Overlord’s Monocle of Doom

Overlord’s Monocle of Doom, the 1st. This ridiculous implement promises to give you unparalleled singular ocular vision.Created from a hefty threaded brass fitting then equipped with adjustable magnifying lens and light blocking slit lens. The main lens is magnified as well. Held together by sturdy leather straps emblazoned with wooden gears. This is a heavy implement at 22oz and suggested for use on a hat vs trying to wear it on your eye.

Just created freshly for you on this beautiful day!

Overlord’s Monocle of Doom the 1st! A heavy bit of singular ocular goodness. A finer combination of brass, leather and wood you’ll be hard pressed to find.

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