Overlord’s Monocle of Doom – Steampunk Accessory

Overlord’s Monocle of Doom Overlord’s Monocle of Doom, the 1st. This ridiculous implement promises to give you unparalleled singular ocular vision.Created from a hefty threaded brass fitting then equipped with adjustable magnifying lens and light blocking slit lens. The main lens is magnified as well. Held together by sturdy leather straps emblazoned with wooden gears.… Continue reading Overlord’s Monocle of Doom – Steampunk Accessory

Tinkerer’s Iris Goggles

The Tinkerer’s Iris Goggles – Tinkerer’s Iris Goggles. These awesome goggles feature dual removable lenses, one inside one outside, with fully adjustable apertures. Leave the lenses in for magnification uses, remove them for normal wear. Fully adjustable rubber strap keeps them hugged tight to your hat or eyes. These goggles are medium weight, approximately 9oz.