One Eyed Willy Goggles

One Eyed Willy Goggles

One Eyed Willy lives again. This lovely pair of goggles is made with a smaller brass base, making them ideal for the ladies, but equally at home on a gentleman. The left eye is filled with spring loaded gears, since Willy didn’t have an eye on that side anyway. The right side is detailed with springs and gears and capped with a single magnifying lens, to help your good eye see more. A light chain keeps them together in the center and the outer strap is detailed with more springs. Look good at a steampunk party or your next pirate ship raid!

In their primordial form here, on the lovely Amy.

Dusty on your One Eyed Willy reference? Here is a reminder, its from Goonies, one of the best movies ever created:

By The Mechanic

I like steampunk, MINI coopers, Utah, dogs and squirrels.

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