The Interconnector – Steampunk Bluetooth Headset

The Interconnector

The old ear trumpet just not doing it for you anymore? Clothed Eye is proud to introduce The Interconnector, a handy way to keep in contact with all your cronies. Simply place the device in your ear and talk. Allows you to stay in character and stay in touch. Copper and brass accents. This is designed to look best when worn on the left ear, but is still ambidextrous.
Bluetooth headset built on a brand new Plantronics M50. Works with most Bluetooth phones including iPhone 5.
Would make a fantastic present for that Steampunk friend! Or for yourself!

Features: Bluetooth v3.0, Multipoint technology, QuickPair™ technology, Micro-USB charging connection.
[Hat and Goggles shown for display purpose only]

As always more photos available on request.

Thanks for the name Thom Briggs Photography

By The Mechanic

I like steampunk, MINI coopers, Utah, dogs and squirrels.

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