Squirrel Shaman Bone and Fur Costume


Incredible bone and fur Squirrel Shaman costume.

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Handcrafted costume, made from bones and fur.
How badass do you want to look this Halloween? The most? Then this is the costume for you, featuring a rams skull/beaver fur/fox face headdress, with turtles shells and a 4 foot long tail made from spine bones, tipped with a foxtail.
Turtle shell/fox face/skull shoulder piece with feathers, bones, and legs can adorn either shoulder.
Fox face arm bracer with feather details is attached to a well-made leather bracer for comfort and durability.
Multi-fur loin cloth offers generous coverage while still looking primal and raw. Attached to a leather belt with a ThunderCat’s buckle :) (some of the furs can be positioned to cover the buckle)
Men’s Size 11 sandals are covered with fur and jawbones.

Other accessories include:

  • 3 unique necklaces; one made of squirrel bones, feet, and a skull; one of blue kyanite, bones and skulls; and the third made of spine bones, a rook skull, and feathers.
  • Leg strap of fox feet and fur.
  • Arm strap with rook skull and leather.
  • Staff* topped with a skull and wrapped in fur and leather. (*it’s going to be problematic to ship the stick with the staff, so you will receive all the bones, fur, and leather for it, but NOT the staff itself. I just made it from a walnut branch that fell in my yard.)
    Extra fur pelts, a few bones, and a rook skull

I wore this last year to Theater Bizarre in Detroit and people were amazed. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the crafting of this. (All blood on the costume is fake)
Don’t miss out on one of the most amazing, REAL bone, and REAL fur costumes you will find this season, or ever.

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