Cyberpunk Plague Doctor Armor Costume – Halloween Outfit


Cyberpunk Plague Doctor custom armor/costume.

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Last years crazy Theater Bizarre costume can now be yours! Cyberpunk Plague Doctor Armor!

Crafted from plastic, metal, vinyl, and leather. It was created from motorcycle armor, a gas mask, some hockey gear, and a lot of weird misc. bits.

The mask features a two part design, with a separate lower jaw. Plastic hose ‘dreadlocks’ cascade down the back. The neck piece features a blue EL wire sleeved in the orange detail hose that is found on the rest of the costume.

Body piece features two shoulder bits, one that is attached to the lower (right) arm, with hoses and tubes. There is a (sanitized) drinking tube on the chest that allows for easy access to your beverage of choice while wearing it. There is a fake leather underlay part for the chest as well, to help fill out the menacing look.

Total costume includes: Main head piece, jaw piece, illuminated neck wrap, chest armor with attached shoulders. Two large arm pieces, with removable leather accents, and the underbody piece.

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