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Since every pair of goggles created at Clothed Eye is unique, I felt it only right to maintain an archive of all the pairs that have been sold.
Below are all the Steampunk Goggles that have been created by me and are being worn somewhere in the world!


Infernal Airship Device Goggles

These goggles were discovered in a Dirigible Engineer’s old toolbox. They have a hard, green shell with a nice textured leather strap. On your right eye is some kind of alignment ring and two adjustable magnification lenses. The other eye has a device attachment made of shafts, one ending in a gear and a spring-loaded arm. Not being a Dirigible Engineer myself I have no idea the purpose to this. It would seem to be another type of alignment mechanism, mayhap it attaches into something allowing for minute adjustments. These seem the kind of goggles that when you need them they are the only device that will do that particular job, whatever it may be.


Automaton Detection Goggles

As automatons become more and more sophisticated these days, it’s becoming difficult to identify them. These goggles feature an enhanced listening attachment to amplify the sounds of the inner gear workings of automatons. A resonator lens on one side also aids in the detection. Metal frames with fully adjustable ear attachement. Fully adjustable elastic strap.


Ancient Mariner’s Goggles

The Ancient Mariner’s Goggles were discovered washed up on a deserted shore. A mechanical iris in the left eye keeps your night vision intact, while dual magnifiers over a built in magnifying main lens give great map reading vision. These feature a plastic and foam base for comfort along with an adjustable elastic strap to ensure a good fit. Artificially aged to look like they have been floating in the sea for years.


Aviator’s Targeting Goggles

Dual targeting zoom lenses surround a brass centering ring on the right eye of these ‘antiqued’ goggles. THe other side feathers a depth gauge and sight blocker to help focus on your target. Leather head straps wrapped with wire pull everything together.
These are currently on loan, to possibly used in a wedding, if they come home I will offer them for sale.


One Eyed Willy Goggles

One Eyed Willy lives again. This lovely pair of goggles is made with a smaller brass base, making them ideal for the ladies, but equally at home on a gentleman. The left eye is filled with spring loaded gears, since Willy didn’t have an eye on that side anyway. The right side is detailed with springs and gears and capped with a single magnifying lens, to help your good eye see more. A light chain keeps them together in the center and the outer strap is detailed with more springs. Look good at a steampunk party or your next pirate ship raid!


Engineer's Steampunk GogglesEngineer's Steampunk GogglesEngineer's Steampunk Goggles
Engineer's Steampunk Goggles

Engineer’s Spring Goggles

Engineer’s Spring Goggles. These goggles feature a hard shell, linked together and around your head with brass chains. Springs hold together brass accents as well as 2 magnifying loops on the left lens. Lenses are tinted witha green overlay to ensure your eyes cope with the lighting.


Mechanic’s Studded Goggles

Mechanics Studded Goggles. Cousin to the original Mechanic’s goggles. Features protruding eye cups with dual adjustable magnifiers. Studded with brass rivets and spring details. Cloth head strap allows for a perfect custom fit around your head or hat of choice.


Overlord’s Monocle of Doom

Overlord’s Monocle of Doom, the 1st. This ridiculous implement promises to give you unparalleled singular ocular vision.Created from a hefty threaded brass fitting then equipped with adjustable magnifying lens and light blocking slit lens. The main lens is magnified as well. Held together by sturdy leather straps emblazoned with wooden gears. This is a heavy implement at 22oz and suggested for use on a hat vs trying to wear it on your eye.


Clothed Eye Tinkerer's Iris GogglesClothed Eye Tinkerer's Iris GogglesClothed Eye Tinkerer's Iris GogglesClothed Eye Tinkerer's Iris Goggles

The Tinkerer’s Iris Goggles

– Tinkerer’s Iris Goggles. These awesome goggles feature dual removable lenses, one inside one outside, with fully adjustable apertures. Leave the lenses in for magnification uses, remove them for normal wear. Fully adjustable rubber strap keeps them hugged tight to your hat or eyes. These goggles are medium weight, approximately 9oz.


Clothed Eye Mechanics GogglesClothed Eye Mechanics GogglesClothed Eye Mechanics GogglesClothed Eye Mechanics Goggles

Mechanic’s Goggles

– Mechanics Goggles. Crafted from leather, brass and other metals. Features protruding eye cups with dual adjustable magnifiers. Cloth head strap allows for a perfect custom fit around your head or hat of choice.

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