Steampunk Vambrace / Arm Device – Unfinished

There were a lot of very cool people and costumes this weekend at the ball. I brought along the parts to construct the not completely finished Vambrace of Doomâ„¢ Here is a shot for yall. I want to get more elements/articulation at the elbow, and it needs a more consistent theme than just lots of… Continue reading Steampunk Vambrace / Arm Device – Unfinished

Mechanic’s Studded Goggles

The second pair of Mechanic’s steampunk goggles has been competed to fill the shelves. Mechanic’s Studded Goggles Mechanics Studded Goggles. Cousin to the original Mechanic’s goggles. Features protruding eye cups with dual adjustable magnifiers. Studded with brass rivets and spring details. Cloth head strap allows for a perfect custom fit around your head or hat… Continue reading Mechanic’s Studded Goggles


The first pair I made is the first pair sold! WOOOO. Mechanic’s Goggles SOLD! So very happy! The sale was thru my shop to a wonderful person out in New York. Looking for some extra’s to put in for her as a thank you for being my first customer.

Upcoming Detroit Area Steampunk Events

A few great steampunk events coming up soon in the Detroit area. Next weekend (April 7th) is the Twisted Toys & Mad Scientists: Victorian and Steampunk Affair More info here: [] hosted at District VII Gallery not to be missed. It combines art, cosplay and robotics. Sooner than I will be ready for is the… Continue reading Upcoming Detroit Area Steampunk Events

Jesus Jones

One of my favorite band ever is: Jesus Jone. And one of the best songs is from Doubt. Nothing to Hold me. If you don’t know it, go look it up. If you know it. You know. Why dont you just stop it. I’ve been privy to some amazing things lately. And some stupidity that… Continue reading Jesus Jones

Overlord’s Monocle of Doom – Steampunk Accessory

Overlord’s Monocle of Doom Overlord’s Monocle of Doom, the 1st. This ridiculous implement promises to give you unparalleled singular ocular vision.Created from a hefty threaded brass fitting then equipped with adjustable magnifying lens and light blocking slit lens. The main lens is magnified as well. Held together by sturdy leather straps emblazoned with wooden gears.… Continue reading Overlord’s Monocle of Doom – Steampunk Accessory

VNV Nation and Straftanz

Thank you to both bands, VNV Nation and Straftanz for putting on an incredible show in Ann Arbor at the Necto. We went to see VNV but Straftanz were splendidly entertaining. If you like electronic or techno, dance, rave, angry, peaceful, beautiful or great music I suggest checking out both.

Tinkerer’s Iris Goggles

The Tinkerer’s Iris Goggles – Tinkerer’s Iris Goggles. These awesome goggles feature dual removable lenses, one inside one outside, with fully adjustable apertures. Leave the lenses in for magnification uses, remove them for normal wear. Fully adjustable rubber strap keeps them hugged tight to your hat or eyes. These goggles are medium weight, approximately 9oz.

Mechanic’s Goggles

The first pair of Clothed Eye goggles! Woot woot! I’m pretty happy how these turned out, I really like the eye cups and the way they protrude from the base. Mechanic’s Goggles – Mechanics Goggles. Crafted from leather, brass and other metals. Features protruding eye cups with dual adjustable magnifiers. Cloth head strap allows for… Continue reading Mechanic’s Goggles

World Steampunk Expo May 25-28, 2012 in Dearborn, MI. Unfortunately I missed the date to be an exhibitor, but still hope to have some goggles ready to share/show by then. Be sure to sign up and dress up! Looking forward to another Steampunk event for sure. {steampunk, brass goggles, steam apparel, steampunk goggles, steampunk costume}