Octolens Steampunk Goggles

Octolens Goggles Because you can’t have too many lens options. These feature a set of main internal lenses, capped with silver rimmed expansion lenses. The center has a pair of adjustable small focus lenses, and each corner has an adjustable magnification lens. Twin spring eyebrows give the leather base extra structural support. Fully adjustable elastic… Continue reading Octolens Steampunk Goggles

Farseer’s Goggles

Farseer’s Goggles Originally designed for spotters on airships, these goggles have dual removable magnification lenses to allow for adjustments for viewing different distances. Sadly only one pair of the lenses showed up with the goggles. Featuring a fully adjustable head chain and solid brown base, these google look great on almost any headgear, including of… Continue reading Farseer’s Goggles

Steampunk Book review – Reaper’s Return: Chronicles of Aesirium

Reaper’s Return: The Chronicles of Aesirium – Book 1 5/5 gears. A magical steampunk adventure that will leave you smiling and wanting more. Sometimes Twitter comes through with something good. A few weeks ago author Ren Cummins @rencummins tweeted an offer to get a free digital copy of the first book of his young adult… Continue reading Steampunk Book review – Reaper’s Return: Chronicles of Aesirium